WeatherARC is MESO, Inc’s premier weather data service providing historical weather data for the United States. The online service provides access to hourly and daily weather data for 1000’s of U.S. locations that can be customized to meet specific needs.

WeatherARC_Find_Weather_Page_Screenshot_just_mapIt is designed so that you can quickly and easily locate the weather data for one or more locations and then have text files delivered to your inbox within a matter of minutes.  Sample  WeatherARC products include:

  • Snowfall Totals
  • Rainfall Totals (hourly and daily)
  • Certified Weather Records for Court
  • Daily Weather Summaries
  • Temperature Records
  • Wind Speed Records

All of the archived weather data originate from official National Weather Service observing stations and are quality controlled by the National Climatic Data Center.  These quality controlled observations are available for many locations dating back to 1948 and can be used for many applications such as:

  • Legal – to verify claims for court
  • Snow Removal – to verify snow totals for billing
  • Insurance – to set rates or verify an insurance claim
  • Construction – to verify past conditions at a work site
  • Marketing/Retail – to correlate sales to the weather


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