MESO leverages its decades-long experience developing and using advanced modeling systems to provide subscription-based, real-time geophysical information services and forecasts for clients in energy management, agriculture, construction, and tourism.

These forecasts include traditional weather parameters such temperature and wind as well as other variables such as power, probability of icing, and solar irradiance. MESO also provides a premier data service known as WeatherARC, which is a complete source for official historical weather observations in the United States at both hourly and daily time intervals.

Renewable Energy Forecasting

The penetration of variable generation resources onto the electric grid has created a growing need for accurate, reliable forecasts of wind and solar generation on timescales ranging from a few minutes to several weeks in advance. Through its partnership with AWS Truepower, MESO provides renewable energy forecasting services across North America for system operators, electric utilities, and owners/operators of wind and solar generation facilities.

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WeatherARC is MESO, Inc’s premier weather data service providing historical weather data for the United States. The online service provides access to hourly and daily weather data for 1000’s of U.S. locations that can be customized to meet specific needs.

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Agricultural Forecasting

Clients who own and operate farms, orchards, agricultural research centers, and even golf courses require weather information for crop management, frost mitigation, irrigation scheduling, pest control, turf management, and other functions. Through a partnership with ZedX, Inc., MESO, Inc. provides such information as site-specific forecasts for Southern Canada, Northern Mexico, and the United States through the Skybit E-Weather™ service.

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