MESO is currently developing educational products and services that utilize its vast archive of earth system observational data (ocean, atmosphere and land), advanced physics-based modeling capability and experience to create real-world teaching tools. The teaching tools employ immersive learning strategies in order to improve the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects.

The products and services being developed include:

  • Educational research services that develop and manage STEM projects
  • Virtual earth system laboratories that allow for inquiry-based learning
  • Interactive role playing exercises, allowing students to use STEM in real-world situations
  • STEM virtual tools to complement hands-on activities
  • Serious science games

All of MESO educational services and products use real-world data. MESO’s educational research services provide the capability to design and test tools and systems that meet the specific requirements of a school or school system. Examples of current efforts include

  • Questar III High School Bridges Project to develop customized clean energy engineering related virtual and hands-on teaching tools and help students bridge the gap from high school to college
  • SUNYIT sustainability education project to develop customized clean energy engineering related virtual and hands-on teaching equipment for college engineering students
  • SUNYIT interactive case study project to design, build, and implement a prototype virtual capability that facilitates learning scientific theories and concepts related to energy and engineering
  • Small Business Innovation Research grant provided by the National Science Foundation to create a tool that combines virtual earth science laboratories with interactive case study role playing

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