Clients who own and operate farms, orchards, agricultural research centers, and even golf courses require weather information for crop management, frost mitigation, irrigation scheduling, pest control, turf management, and other functions. Through a partnership with ZedX, Inc., MESO, Inc. provides such information as site-specific forecasts for Southern Canada, Northern Mexico, and the United States through the Skybit E-Weather™ service.

The forecasts can be customized for decision making based on needs and requirements of each application. For example, crop and integrated pest management products provide information to track and monitor growth for specific crop varieties and disease or insect progression of pests found on such crops or in particular geographical location. MESO uses date information provided by clients to create accurate forecasts of degree days and insect/disease progression. This approach is more efficient because customers no longer need to handle such tracking and monitoring on their own.

Skybit products can be delivered via facsimile or email on either a daily or weekly basis as desired. The products are provided in easy-to-read tabular or graphical format allowing ready access to relevant information. Sample products can be found here.

We provide free, two-week trials for sampling the forecasting service before requiring a subscription commitment. Subscription duration can be customized for seasonal or year-round delivery with distribution to single or multiple locations and entities depending on client requirements.

To sign up for SkyBit, please contact us at,, or call 1-877-273-7363.




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