MESO has been a leader in atmospheric modeling since 1985. We specialize in the development and application of atmospheric and hydrological numerical models. These models are used for a wide range of research and real-time operational purposes. Products generated by our models are used to solve a variety of problems that require solutions that require both climatological information and weather forecasts. MESO’s main focus is modeling the atmosphere. In addition, our scope of expertise extends from traditional atmospheric science into other related disciplines, such as oceanography, hydrology, soil science and biometeorology. MESO's products not only describe the earth's atmosphere, but also the oceans, hydrological processes, soil surface and vegetation conditions.

Research in Atmospheric, Hydrological and Solar Modeling

MESO develops and utilizes various models to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. For example, MESO's Mesoscale Atmospheric Simulation System (MASS) is used in research and for operational applications. MESO is part of the team that developed the OMEGA adaptive grid model. OMEGA is designed for accurate high-resolution forecasts of air quality factors and the dispersion of toxic material. MESO developed the CLIMOD modeling system for the Advanced Climate Model and Environmental Simulation modeling system used by the Air Force. MESO also has expertise in modifying and applying community models such as the DHSVM, ARPS, WRF and MM5.

Real-Time Atmospheric, Hydrological and Solar Modeling

MESO runs a variety of atmospheric models for numerous regions of the globe every day for many different applications. The data produced by the simulations produces atmospheric data for regions that lack sufficient observational weather data. The output is often further refined to produce site specific forecasts and decision making aids for applications, such as energy production, load forecasting, agricultural needs, recreational services and any need your firm may have for detailed information about the weather and environment.

New Real-Time WRF Simulation

Applications and Affiliates

MESO provides many direct services to both government agencies and private sector companies. MESO also reaches specific customer needs through partnerships, such as AWS Truepower, for the wind energy industry, SkyBit, for the agriculture and recreational industries, and Meteosim (in Barcelona, Spain) for servicing the special needs of Europe and South America. We are also affiliated with modeling research projects with the U.S. Air Force, North Carolina State University, Saint Louis University, and the University of Missouri.

Archived Weather Data

MESO provides archived weather data for the United States through our weather archive website WeatherARC with the data originating from the National Climatic Data Center. Surface and Upper Air observations for many stations are available as far back as 1948. The WeatherARC Site provides quick access to the observations. MESO also provides consulting services to help understand and use the data if additional assistance is needed.



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